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 All things NEW


It’s 2015 and God has been so good to our WALK Family! Coming out of a strong foundational year in the life of WALK Church, we are excited about all the NEW activity God has planned for us in 2015. The first thing we’d like to announce is what you’re reading right now. Our new WALK Church blog! Every first of the month we will posting a new blog with fresh updates, praise reports, stories, and vision. Please take a minute to subscribe to our blog by clicking here!


We have officially graduated from Phase 1 of our church plant timeline and we are excited to launch into Phase 2. The second phase of our timeline will extend into the next 5 months of this year. During this season we have a number of things we plan to achieve.

Here is a snap shot:

  • Multiply Charge Groups. 
  • Continue equipping, training, and discipling our core team.
  • Weekly prayer walks and small group gatherings.
  • Visit several of our partner churches and share the WALK vision.
  • Launch new WALK Church website.

Learn more about our timeline here.


A special moment has happened in the life of WALK and that is the arrival of our new team members:

  • Spencer & Gina Walters (Kentucky)
  • Eli & Carissa Cox (Kentucky)
  • Chalice Harbor (Mississipi).

After months of praying, phone calls, and Charge Groups over the web – our friends are finally here in the city! Below is a quick word from the Walters, Cox’s, and Chalice.


This past month God has shown off in ways we would have never imagined. He has connected us with leaders here in the city and around the country that have truly blessed our souls.

1) Pastor Ivan Rubio, Church of South Las Vegas (CSLV). By divine appointment I ran into my friend, Pastor Ivan Rubio at the barber shop toward the end of 2014. While pastor Ivan was getting his hair cut, the Holy Spirit placed on his heart to bless us with 108 chairs that the CSLV is no longer using. We thank God for Kingdom collaborations with fellow churches in our city and we thank the Lord for providing us with chairs!

2) Kevin Ezell, President of NAMB. When I first was told about the NAMB Vision your that would take place on February 4-6, I honestly had no idea of what that would look like. I definitely didn’t think I would be riding on the tour bus with the NAMB Trusteess, casting vision for WALK alongside my Wife at my old High School, followed by eating dinner at a table with NAMB President, Kevin Ezell. What an incredible blessing to us all to which we attribute all the glory to Jesus Christ and His grace!

3) Will Mancini, Author of Church Unique and found of Auxono. What a privilidge it was to connect with Will Mancini, author of a book (Church Unique) that played a vital role in shaping the strategy and DNA of WALK Church last year. Will was in town helping our sending church, Hope Church, and I was asked to give him a ride back to his hotel room to which I gladly replied, “YES!” What I didn’t know was that Will would spot our WALK prospectus in my back seat and heavily encourage us all on the work we’ve put in to get to where we are today! We would also stop by the land we have been praying for and Will prayed for us. Will Mancini’s instagram post after connecting with him. (Praise God)


For anyone that knows WALK Church, one thing we are passionate about is discipleship. We believe that one of the best ways to make disciples is by engaging in small groups. We have currently launched a new men’s discipleship group on Monday’s at 4:30 and God has been growing His men in profound ways. We have also added many new people to our now Thursday night Men’s and Women’s discipleship groups which has been exciting as well! And we are gearing up to add a new round of discipleship focus groups where we will have several gender specific group that are going together walk through Dr. Chuck Lawless’s book, Putting On The Armor. We have noticed more and more that ministry in our city comes with much spiritual warfare and we want to further equip our people for the battle!


I had the great privilege of preaching at Spring Valley Baptist Church earlier in January and I invited a childhood friend of mine who I lost contact with over the years, Austin. Austin messaged me for prayer not long before my preaching opportunity so I decided to invite him to come hear me preach. Austin showed up that Sunday and after giving a gospel presentation and invitation he made his way down for prayer, desiring to commit his life to the Lord. Austin has been fighting a serious drug addiction for years and has finally surrendered the various drugs that were trying to steal his life. Austin has since gotten connected to our Monday night discipleship group as well as our Thursday night discipleship group and is amazing to see how God is working in his life!


What an incredible run it has been at our old condo. My mom, Jody Ratner has been overly generous to me and Neena, as well as our WALK family over the past couple of years. We’ve held countless Bible studies, vision nights, parties, dinners, and discipleship groups there, however Neena and I have felt it is time for us move into a new place that has more room and better equips us for our baby boy who will Lord willing be in early April. By God’s grace our sending Organiation, NAMB, has purchased a house for planters to live in for a season and we have taken them up on their offer to allow us to move in. We are all moved in by the grace of God and help of several of our team members, now be praying for the unpacking process! 🙂


I am not quite sure where to start when thinking about all the new partners God has so richly given us over the past few months! The words that come first to my mind are humbled and thankful. We have been flat out humbled by the generosity of our new partners and we are joyously thankful for each one of them. We know that we can’t do this alone and I first want to take a moment to shout out and thank our first partner church and sending church Hope Church, Las Vegas, NV. Hope’s influence around the country has played a considerable role in helping us build partnerships and we just want to say a big thank you to Hope and that we love you guys!

Here is a list of our new WALK Church partners who we want to give a major shout out to and let them know how much we treasure each one in a unique and praise worthy way!

  • Urbancrest Baptist Church, Lebanon, OH
  • Thomsonstation Church, Thompsonstation, TN
  • Oakland Baptist Church, Corinth, MS
  • Temple Baptist Church, Haddiesburg, MS
  • Restored Church, Main
  • Life Baptist Church, Las Vegas, NV
  • Englewood Baptist Church, Rocky Mount, NC
  • Vista Church, Loveland, TX
  • Common Ground Church, Las Vegas, NV


    • Everyday at 2:06 prayer the people in Las Vegas and the planting of WALK Church. Pray God would continue to redeem this city one person at a time.
    • Pray for new job opportunities for some of our core team members.
    • Pray for Austin and others who are making war with drug addiction in the city of Las Vegas
    • Pray for Heiden as he has several preaching and vision casting opportunities around the country over this next month
    • Pray for the multiplication of our Charge Groups for God to continue to disciple His people through these groups
    • Pray for Neena Ratner as she gets ready to give birth to our first child, a baby boy!

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