Our Mission is to

Free People to Walk in Jesus

We believe that Jesus has placed a primary calling on all of our lives and that is to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). At WALK Church we define a biblical disciple as someone who has received the Lord Jesus Christ, and is set free to walk in Him (Colossians 2:6). The heart beat of our church is to join Christ in His mission of making disciples of all nations by freeing people to walk in Him. As we walk in Christ, we believe that He will be the one freeing people through His church!

We believe freedom happens when people


Before we ever walk in Him, we first must abide in Him. The abiding relationship with Jesus is what drives our daily walk. In John 15:1-11, Jesus uses the imagery of a branch abiding in a vine to illustrate the life of a Christian. At WALK Church, we define this word abide as: Walking in fellowship with Jesus every moment of every day. Practically this looks like spending relational time with Jesus in His Word, personal time with Jesus in prayer, and walking in joyful obedience to His teachings. As we abide in Christ, He then begins to walk His life out through us, and the result will be nothing less than spiritual fruit that looks, tastes, and feels like Jesus!


We believe that a biblical church is a church invested in community. Jesus defined this model for us individually and corporately by the way he invested His life in His disciples, the crowds around Him, and the cities He visited. Today, He invests His life into others through His body, the church. At WALK Church, our desire is to invest our lives in community in two primary ways: Investing in the family of God and investing in the city. Community for us looks like one-on-one discipleship, small (Charge) groups, weekly corporate worship services, and intentionally building relationships with people who don’t know Jesus in our city!



God’s vision for WALK Church is much bigger than one church in a city. David wrote in the Psalms, “God blesses us, that all the ends of the earth may fear Him” (Psalm 67:7 NASB). God is a global God and He is passionate about seeing the nations come to know Him. For this reason, success at WALK Church will be defined less by the number of people in seats on Sunday and more by the number of disciples being mobilized to expand God’s Kingdom. It is our desire to see disciples trained, equipped, and then sent out to live lives on mission, ready to impact the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.